1. How will my donation be used?

We use your donation in the sense of our purpose for our projects, which serve the further development of the counselling service, include public relations measures and for administrative purposes.

2. When do I need a donation receipt?

For a donation of up to 300 euros, you do not need a donation receipt (= donation receipt). The tax office accepts the bank receipt (see question 4) in connection with the notice of exemption (on our transfer form). If you donate more than EUR 300.01, we will automatically send you a donation receipt for your tax return. This legal regulation applies not only to online donations, but also to transfers and cash payments.

3. Why don't I get a receipt for every issue?

We thank you for every donation with which YOU support our work! However, the statutory 300 euro regulation enables us to save shipping and administration costs - that means: We have more money available to help children in emotional need.

4. What does the tax office accept as a bank slip?

You can present the cash deposit slip or the booking confirmation from a bank to the tax office.

The account statement, direct debit slip or a separate confirmation from the bank can serve as a booking confirmation.

In addition to the booking confirmation, when & YOU submit the information on the notice of exemption printed on the back of the deposit slip.

5. How do I request a donation receipt?

If the tax office requests a donation receipt or a donation confirmation from you (e.g. because the required information is missing on your bank slip), we will of course send it to you - even for amounts under EUR 300.01. Please get in touch with our contact person for fundraising.

6. How safe are the online editions?

The entire donation process is handled via an encrypted SSL connection. This means that your spending over the Internet is as secure as with online banking.

7. What payment options do I have?

You can use our donation form to make an online transfer or take part in the SEPA direct debit procedure. If you would like to donate to our organization via the non-profit donation platform Betterplace, you have the following options: PayPal, credit card, giropay / paydirect, SEPA direct debit or bank transfer.

8. What is Betterplace?

Betterplace is a donation platform. It can be used by organizations like JugendNotmail to collect donations. The aim is to bring people and companies who want to help directly together with the people and organizations that need help. Betterplace