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About us

Our vision

All children and adolescents are familiar with the online counselling service provided by JugendNotmail and can contact us at any time in any situation on any topic.

The JugendNotmail team basically consists of nine employees who give everything every day to make the vision a reality. In addition, there are our approximately 240 volunteer counsellors, our quality assurance team and various supporters, ambassadors, creatives and project partners, without whom JugendNotmail would not be what it is today.

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Top 3 consulting topics

Top 3 consulting topics of jugendnotmail depression anxiety family and suicidality

Our concept

The aim is to strengthen the young person in their respective life situation and to impart skills that enable them to organize support themselves and – if possible – to become independent of professional help. However, counseling should not and cannot replace therapy. If it becomes clear during the consultation that therapy, treatment or on-site support is unavoidable, our consultants will refer you to competent advice centers and facilities.

Our advantages

Young people have the opportunity to confidently report on difficult, stressful, taboo or intimate things – a decisive advantage that counseling on the Internet offers over face-to-face counseling.

  • Confidential, low-threshold and free of charge
  • Positioned nationwide
  • Checked under data protection law
  • 20 years of experience as an online consultant
  • Future-oriented
  • Finding solutions at an early stage before the stresses solidify

Our goals

Picking up the children and young people where they are – that is our motto. Through target group-oriented communication, we want to create awareness for an open and good approach to one’s own mental health and make it easier for children and young people to look for suitable help. We see ourselves as a first point of contact for those seeking advice and as a link between virtual help and on-site support.

What sets us apart

Our quality

Our online consultants and moderators are experienced, qualified specialists in the fields of psychology, social pedagogy and social work with additional training.

We attach great importance to regular training and quality checks of our consultants in order to meet the special requirements of online consulting.

Another quality feature of our counselling platform is the opportunity as a young person to provide feedback to external specialists who will accept and process it. In this way, we can guarantee the protection and participation of children and young people.

our strengths

We are distinguished by a professionally trained suicide prevention team, which is available to volunteer counsellors with advice and action on the subject of suicidality.

In 2012 we were awarded the PHINEO quality recommendation in the field of depression, the “Effective Seal” for particularly effective commitment.

Our counselling platform has been checked by the Berlin data protection authority and declared to be secure. All consultants work in strict confidence.

Our roots

Claudine Krause was a visionary in 2001 and was way ahead of her time when she started the online counseling service JugendNotmail by founding the non-profit association jungundjetzt e.V.

Her many years of experience as a primary school teacher had shown her that you can solve many students’ problems directly in school, but not all of them. Because there were always students * who behaved too conspicuously or particularly inconspicuously, to whom they, too, had difficulty coming with their pedagogical empathy. It quickly became clear to her that to help these young people you would have to invest a lot of time that is simply not available in everyday school life. This is how the idea, the JugendNotmail, came about: children and young people should be given a confidential space in which they can speak openly and without inhibitions about their worries and needs. The Internet was still in its infancy back then, but Claudine Krause recognized the great importance of online communication for young people even then. The anonymous atmosphere of the virtual world helps children and young people to open up faster and more easily. This low-threshold access makes it easier for them to build trust in a counselor who is not sitting directly in front of them.

We now have more than 20 years of history and experience with many milestones behind us.

Founding of JugendNotmail
National winner at startsocial
Prize winner and honor of the Winspirations Award
Awarded the Phineo Wirkt seal
Awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for social commitment in child and youth welfare to Claudine Krause
TakeOff Award for honorary work
Charity event on the occasion of the 15th anniversary
Project funding “Nationwide introductory workshops” by the TRIBUTE TO BAMBI Foundation
Promotion of JugendNotmail.Berlin by the Berlin Senate
Funding by the Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth KJSH Foundation takes over the sponsorship
Project funding “suicide prevention team” through 24guteTaten e.V.

Volunteer counsellors

Volunteer communication team

We introduce ourselves

Jakob Kalinowsky Team JugendNotmail

Jakob Kalinowsky


"Our vision is, that the JugendNotmail with us and regional cooperations will be the first point of contact for advice in crisis situations of all kinds for all children and adolescents in Germany."

Bewerbungsfoto 2022 | JugendNotmail/KJSH-Stiftung

Dr. Ilkay Koparan


"Out of conviction, I completed my doctorate on the subject of online youth counseling 15 years ago. This form of counseling is anonymous, easily accessible, and progressive, making it particularly suitable for the target group of adolescents."

Nina Diel Projektleitung JugendNotmail

Nina Diel​


“The mental health of children and adolescents is a matter close to my heart. I would like to contribute with all my power to create the necessary offers to help them."

Dominika Kanckova Team JugendNotmail

Dominika Kanckova


"The courage, the ability to self-reflect and the determination of young people to want to change something in their own situation is very motivating and admirable."

Julia Weiland Kontakt JugendNotmail Team

Julia Weiland


"I am impressed by the honest openness of those persons seeking advice and the will to accept support. It is important to me to strengthen this self-efficacy in counselling."

We look forward to your support

We value “Teamwork” and look forward to your support.