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Strengthening the back of children and young people

Crises, fears and needs of children and adolescents do not have to wait. In addition to e-mail counselling, we offer children and young people the opportunity to contact an online counsellor nationwide several times a week in chat counselling. In order to be able to provide our consulting services 24/7, we are constantly expanding our team of consultants across Germany.

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Who are we looking for?

Our claim

Generation Z belongs to the so-called digital natives to a particularly high degree. You grow up in a digital world from birth. To be networked online 24 hours a day and to regard virtual and personal contacts as equivalent is a matter of course for them. We therefore want to offer a professional online counselling service that is closely based on the technical zeitgeist and the user behavior of our young people seeking advice – and has been for over 20 years. The expansion and constant optimization of our consulting platform are therefore very important to us.

And something else sets us apart: Our voluntary online consultants are trained specialists and experts from the psychological or socio-educational professional field.

What should you bring with you?

You are a perfect fit for us if you want to get involved around three hours a week and already have some consulting experience.

You should have an academic degree in psychology or social education (at least a bachelor’s degree) or a comparable degree.

We hope that you have an appreciative, curious and resource-oriented attitude and that you do not let yourself be disturbed even in difficult counseling situations. You should be aware of the opportunities and limitations of online counseling. We work solution-oriented and help people to help themselves.

It is also important that you enjoy writing and have the ability to adapt to the linguistic possibilities of those seeking advice.

You determine your time commitment independently and flexibly. The counselling work is voluntary and takes place from home.

Opportunity to do an internship

It is possible to collect internship hours with us as an online consultant for the master’s degree in psychology. We can provide support, but not close supervision – so please clarify the requirements for this with your university.

As an intern you also have certain tasks. The mail and chat advice and regularly participation in inter- and supervision are mandatory components of your internship. However, like for all our consultants, there are some support options available to you, which you will learn more about in the next section.

What do we offer you?


You determine your time commitment independently and flexibly. The counseling work is voluntary and takes place from home. You determine your time commitment independently and flexibly. The counseling work is voluntary and takes place from home.

Coaching and training

At the beginning of the voluntary counselling work, you will take part in an introductory workshop in which you will be taught the special features of online counselling based on theory and concrete examples and you will be familiarized with the use of the counselling platform.

You will be continuously accompanied by coaching via e-mail or by telephone and online supervision, as well as workshops and further training on key topics such as dealing with crisis counselling situations. Since May 2021, JugendNotmail has been able to set up a specially trained suicide prevention team, whose task it is to coach you in counselling with suicidal thoughts. There are also special contact persons for questions about child protection.

Quality control

Our specialist management carries out regular quality checks in cooperation with the quality assurance team. Quality assurance facilitates the early detection of hurdles and difficulties in the practice of counselling and provides starting points for online coaching. In addition, the need for further training and further training can be determined.

Quality control

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Have we convinced you? Great, then we look forward to your application using our application form:

Letter of motivation:
Proof of qualification:

If you have any further questions about working as a volunteer consultant, please contact us or have a look at our FAQs.


We look forward to your support

Would you like to support us in another field? We are looking forward to seeing you!

1. Do I have to have a degree in psychology or social education to start as an online consultant at JugendNotmail?

In order to ensure the quality of online counselling, it is important to us that our consultants have sufficient experience and the necessary expertise to answer incoming emergency emails reliably and competently. We therefore require at least a bachelor's degree in psychology, social work or a similar course of study. It is also possible that you have sufficient expertise, even with a different degree, through appropriate consulting experience and / or additional training. If you are interested in online counselling and you are not sure whether your previous education is sufficient, simply contact us and we will check on a case-by-case basis whether we can imagine working with you.

2. Do you also have telephone counselling?

No, we are an online counselling centre that only provides advice via email or chat.

3. Where do I send my application to?

The best thing to do is to simply fill out the application form.

4. What should my application documents contain?

Using the application form, it is sufficient for you to send us your résumé, your letter of motivation and proof of qualification for your academic degree. If further documents are required after receiving your application, we will contact you.

5. I've applied, what's next?

After we have received your application, we will write you an email in the following days. If your profile suits us, we will invite you to one of our next online introductory workshops. You will then receive the contract, among other things. As soon as this has been signed and returned to us, you will receive a user name and access to our advice platform and you can start. Your first emails will be accompanied by a coaching process. We look forward to you!

6. How does such an introductory workshop work?

The online workshop takes place in groups of up to nine participants over two half days. We would like to get to know you and introduce you to our consulting platform. Then we deal with the basics and the application of resource and solution-oriented email counselling and discuss ways in which an initial reply email can be written.

7. Will there be someone I can turn to if emails from young people overwhelm me?

For your first consulting contacts, you will be provided with our specialist management by your side. You can always ask them for support in the following. In addition, various topic coaches are available to support you. There are also regular moderated intervision meetings and training courses that you can attend.

8. Is there quality assurance for online counselling?

Quality assurance is carried out continuously by our QA team.

9. How often do training courses take place for the volunteer counsellors?

Training courses currently take place every one to two months (mostly online).

10. How can I become a chat counsellor?

First of all, as described above, you apply to us as an online consultant. After the workshop and the initial coaching in email counselling, you can complete an additional module for individual chat counselling, which is offered approximately every two to three months. You can then - additionally or exclusively - support us with our chat counselling.

11. As an online counsellor, do I get a salary at JugendNotmail?

No, the work as an online consultant is on a voluntary basis.

12. Can I have online counselling credited as an internship?

Yes, we can certify that you are working as an online counsellor as an internship. We can offer support, but not close supervision - so please clarify the requirements for this with your university. However, like all our counsellors, you have some support options available (see FAQ questions 7-9).

13. How are the hours calculated for me as an intern?

For every email you write, you get 1 hour.

For each individual chat you get the duration of the chat taken into account. If you do two chats at the same time, you will be credited for the duration of the chats. For quality reasons, we cannot calculate more than two chats in parallel.

There are also other ways to collect lessons. If you are interested, please contact our specialist management.

14. As a volunteer, will I get a certificate after completion?

Yes, we will be happy to issue you with a certificate once you have completed your voluntary work - simply contact our volunteer coordinator.