Help children and young people in emotional need

Our mission is to provide all children and young people in Germany with a confidential and free psychosocial online counseling service so that they can start their future in a mentally healthy and mentally strengthened manner. We need your support for this!

Children and young people need your support!

Young people often have no contact person for their problems, needs and fears. They are often ashamed of their thoughts and feelings, are afraid of not being understood or even of being rejected. So they keep their worries to themselves, which can become more and more stressful over time, including behavioral problems and mental illness.

But who can children and young people in need turn to?

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What do we do?

We offer children and young people …

  • to get help free of charge and confidentially around the clock
  • Support from 240 qualified specialists such as psychologists and social pedagogues
  • Counselling on all topics such as depression, thoughts of suicide, self-harm, violence, bullying, abuse or family problems.

What can you do?

With your help, we give young people in emotional need …

  • a protected and secure digital space in which there are no taboos
  • Tools at hand that help you deal with your emotional world
  • individual and professional support
  • Helping people help themselves
  • Support and support in difficult life situations

Why is your donation valuable?

Thanks to your support, we finance the costs incurred for …

  • Qualified training from our online consultants
  • increasing awareness in order to reach even more children and young people who need help
  • the constant quality assurance and further development of our counselling services
  • Maintenance, care and provision of our consulting platform

How can you support JugendNotmail?

Help with donations

Already five euros help! Even with a little help, you can make a big difference. Thanks to the voluntary commitment of our consultants, your donation will have a big impact. We look forward to every donation, no matter how small!

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With five euros you can already finance a reply email from one of our online consultants to a desperate young person.

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Donations instead of gifts

There are many occasions in life to receive gifts. Put your party under the motto “Donations instead of gifts” and let your guests give you a good feeling by helping children and young people in need.

We look forward to organizing a suitable donation campaign with you.

Doing good with inheritance

In addition to relatives and partners, you can also support organizations such as JugendNotmail, which work for the benefit of children and young people. You can use these as sole, joint or final heirs, depending on your wishes.

Please do not hesitate to contact us on this topic.

Donate advertising space

Not only can you donate money, you can also donate ad space. Use advertising space to draw attention to our online counselling services. You can help us find new volunteer counsellors via an advertisement.

Feel free to contact us so that we can develop a suitable advertisement together.

Taking responsibility as a company

We need strong partners in order to be successful and fit for the future and to achieve our goals.

For example, you can support the training of our volunteer counsellors or the expansion of our counselling services. It is also conceivable to work with you to implement a campaign that contributes to the de-stigmatization of mental illnesses and to education about mental health. The possibilities for cooperation are diverse.

We look forward to talking to you.

If you are interested or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bank transfer donation

Recipient: KJSH-Stiftung

IBAN: DE04 2512 0510 0001 7194 00 


Bank: Bank für Sozialwirtschaft  

Please state the following as the intended purpose:

Spende JugendNotmail 15 616 017

If you would like a donation receipt, please also include your address in the purpose of use.