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Project Jugendnotmail.Berlin

What is Jugendnotmail.Berlin?

Jugendnotmail.Berlin offers a specific counselling service for Berlin children and young people from 10 to 19 years of age. The counselling is confidential, free of charge and data-secure. Children and young people can turn to us with anything that burdens them. All you need to do is register at www.jugendnotmail.berlin.

Why was a local online counseling service created?

As a cooperation project between JugendNotmail / KJSH Foundation and the Kinderschutz-Zentrum Berlin e.V., Jugendnotmail.Berlin makes it possible to bundle the skills from online, telephone and personal counselling, with a special focus on child protection issues. The project has been funded by the Berlin Senate for Education, Youth and Family since 2016. Experience in online counselling has shown that referring those seeking advice in their environment is often very useful. The idea of ​​Jugendnotmail.Berlin as a regional project is to bring together Berlin advisors and young people from Berlin in order to be able to offer even more individual advice and, if necessary, to pass it on to others. Jugendnotmail.Berlin is thus the pilot project of the regionalization idea.

What are the advantages of Jugendnotmail.Berlin?

The counselling is largely provided by full-time specialists (psychologists and social pedagogues), who are supported by voluntary Berlin advisors. This guarantees rapid processing of emergency calls within 48 hours. In addition, all counsellors have specific knowledge of the Berlin child and youth welfare network and can thus refer to public and free youth welfare in individual cases. In this way, a comprehensive range of advice can be made possible, whereby those seeking advice can be looked after even more individually.

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The most common topics make it clear what burdens those seeking advice from online counselling in Berlin.

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