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Suicidality in children and adolescents

Our suicide prevention team offers quick and professional support

Funding for two years from 24guteTaten e.V has made it possible since May 2021 to deploy a specially trained suicide prevention team of five counselors. You have the task of checking the receipt of emergency e-mails every day and of responding to unanswered messages with suicidal content. The team also coaches other counselors for counseling on suicidal thoughts. The aim of this team is to ensure that children and young people who turn to our counselors in crisis situations and with active and / or passive thoughts of suicide receive high-quality and, above all, fast support.

Why is suicide prevention important?

Every hour in Germany someone dies by suicide. In adolescents, suicide is the second leading cause of death – after traffic accidents. Around 600 young people under the age of 25 commit suicide every year in Germany. 20 to 30 times as many try. – more than in any other age group. Unfortunately, many suicide attempts stay undetected, and so do the calls for help that are sent through them. Social norms make it difficult for young people to find someone to talk to in their environment. Suicide is still a taboo subject.  

Focus on destigmatizing mental illnesses

Another important step in suicide prevention is to draw attention to the issue. That can only be done through public relations. Thanks to the support of 24guteTaten e.V., we were able to start a professional campaign for the first time on World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, 2021 under the headline “Don’t give dark thoughts a chance” on social media. This picture-text campaign was accompanied by the call under the hashtag #liveworthy to tell little things that put a smile on your face every day and help you through difficult times. Young people should be reminded on this day of the importance of positive thoughts and the confidence that comes with them. This campaign was supported pro bono by influencers like Jay, Daniel Lott or Mental Health Advocate Leo. 

Focus on high quality help with suicidality

When young people contact us with this topic, they usually want to be heard first. With our counsellors, the young people find relief because they can open up don’t remain alone with their thoughts and feelings. Very few young people really want to take their own lives – but also don’t want to go on living the way they are at the moment anymore. This is where suicide prevention comes in and, together with those seeking advice, looks for small steps on how they can change something for the better, and what further support may be necessary for this.

Our suicide prevention team

Thomas Kleiner from the suicide prevention team at JugendNotmail

Thomas Kleiner

Tanja from the suicide prevention team at JugendNotmail

Tanja Abmeier-Dunskus

Suicide prevention team

Eva Kaznelson

Luna from the suicide prevention team at JugendNotmail

Luna Grosselli

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Deborah Degen

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