Terms of use

To use this service, you must agree to the following conditions:

  1. JugendNotmail.de and Jugendnotmail.Berlin are separate offers.
  2. Via the platform JugendNotmail.de (www.jugendnotmail.de), JugendNotmail / KJSH-Stiftung advises children and young people up to the age of 19. So if you choose the JugendNotmail.de service, JugendNotmail / KJSH-Stiftung is solely responsible.
  3. The JugendNotmail.Berlin platform (www.jugendnotmail.berlin) is used by JugendNotmail / KJSH-Stiftung and the Kinderschutz-Zentrum Berlin e.V. to advise children and young people from 10 to 19 years from Berlin. Both cooperation partners assume responsibility here. Where your advisor comes from, i.e. whether he * she comes from JugendNotmail / KJSH Foundation or the Kinderschutz-Zentrum Berlin e.V., you can always see on the last line of your answer. JugendNotmail / KJSH Foundation always writes “Your advisor from JugendNotmail / KJSH Foundation” and the Kinderschutz-Zentrum Berlin e.V. writes “Your advisor from Kinderschutz-Zentrum Berlin e.V.”.
  4. Our consultants answer your concerns competently and free of charge. Most of the advisors at the JugendNotmail / KJSH Foundation work on a voluntary basis. The advisors of the Kinderschutz-Zentrum Berlin e.V. work full-time. Psychologists, social pedagogues and pedagogues, some with additional therapeutic / advisory training, are active as advisors. The relevant evidence was provided by an academic degree or a comparable qualification and presented to the responsible institution (JugendNotmail / KJSH-Stiftung or the Kinderschutz-Zentrum Berlin e.V.). All counselors submit an extended certificate of good conduct at regular intervals (cf. § 72a SGB VIII).
  5. Your IP address will not be saved.
  6. By clicking the checkbox “I agree that all information I provide here will be used and saved for advice by the two cooperation partners of the JugendNotmail.Berling project. I have the right to revoke my consent at any time with effect for the future. ”When you create your account, you agree that we may use your data for advice. By voluntarily providing your statistical data (e.g. age, gender, etc.), you consent to us using this data for statistics and for your advice.
  7. Your statistical information (e.g. whether you are a boy or a girl) cannot be traced back to you, as it is stored separately from your other information.
  8. All consultants are subject to statutory confidentiality. However, in the case of concrete and credible announcements of violence, in particular in the case of announcements of murder, so-called “rampages”, arson etc. (cf. Sections 323c, 138 StGB) or suicide (cf. Section 8a SGB VIII), we will, however, in accordance with the legal framework, the Forward information known to us (nickname, age, federal state, time of last message, possibly indicative information from the communication process) to the appropriate official bodies (the police or the youth welfare office), after careful examination of the individual case, should a defense without this information being passed on the endangerment is not possible or the requirements of the justifying emergency according to § 34 StGB must be met in individual cases.
  9. Online counseling does not replace necessary psychotherapy and does not release you from your personal responsibility.
  10. The advice system can be used with a pseudonym, i.e. without providing any identifiable data.
  11. Messages that you send via our platform are transmitted via a secure connection (SSL encryption).
  12. Communication histories between you and your advisor are stored in a database on the server for up to six months after the last contact. The transmission of data from the server to the browser and vice versa is protected with 128-bit encryption. The security of the data can only be guaranteed on the server and on the way to and from the server.
  13. Your account will be deleted one year after your last visit. If you want, you can also delete your account yourself at any time. This is done either via the settings (in the app / browser) or by contacting us.
  14. There is a feedback button on the junoma-beratung. This appears when you have started an email consultation. If you send us a message using this button, this message will be read and processed by someone other than your advisor, a person of trust. If you tell us that your advisor is trying to get to know you and asks you for your phone number or address, we will speak to him or her. In order to be able to do that, we need the nickname of your advisor from you. So we don’t know him beforehand. Then the person of trust who accepted your feedback will inform our quality assurance (QA). You will of course be told in advance that there will be a conversation with your advisor.

If you do not agree with these conditions, we would like to ask you not to use this service.