JugendNotmail is part of the KJSH – Foundation for Child, Youth and Social Aid, a non-profit, charitable foundation and a major provider of child and youth welfare.

1. Name, seat, address and year of foundation of our organization

JugendNotmail / KJSH Foundation, Wiesenstraße 55, Haus 5, 13357 Berlin     

2. Articles of Association

You can find the statutes of the KJSH Foundation here.

3. Name and function of the key decision-makers

Board of Directors: Frederik Näher, Norbert Wollner

Managing Directors: Frederik Näher, Anneke Rieper

Regional Management: Jakob Kalinowsky

Information about the foundation can be found here.

4. Personnel structure

JugendNotmail has around 240 volunteer advisors. In addition, the team consists of 7 permanent employees.

5. Social ties with third parties

The KJSH foundation is a member of the PARITÄTISCHER WOHLFFAHRTSVERBAND – Landesverband Berlin e.V .. There is also a cooperation with AFET Bundesverband für Erziehungshilfe e.V. and the Deutschsprachigen Gesellschaft für psychosoziale Online-Beratung(DGOB).